What We Do

Abox Game


New Game

It is Our job to be able to support, provide and package creative ideas for the activation needs of your/customer/customer's product or brand ghrough one door, one time, and integrated so that the costs incurred will truly match the customer/your budget.

We are always working on creating a game, also always observing the global market to know what is happening and doing every time people, and we adapt to the innovations that We create.

Custom Game

To realize your desire in creating an interactive game, and We always support everything you want in the game.

  • We create creative concepts that support product and brand activation campaigns.
  • We create creative content.
  • We design a product and brand interaction process that is fun and can be directly explored by your prospective clients or customers.
  • We are also able to encourage them to share their experiences with others. Then we produce the props and we operate the show, let the various games act for your product / brand.

Template Game

As part of the gamification company from PT. Interactive Logic, we want to always prioritize the process of interacting with products/brands in various forms of games that can be directly enjoyed, fun, challenging, exciting, and exciting for all people with your product/customer brand in our play area.

We, Abox Game make it easy for you, we provide various Game templates that can be arranged according to your wishes and needs.


We always provide the best service for you, especially in the field of Marketing.


Choose any game from our GAME BANK

We will customize it to meet your needs

You can request us to modify any part according to your preferences